Monday, January 23, 2012

Sometimes a reboot is necessary

The first month of January is about to end in a week and I decided its the right time to do a "reboot" on my online presence. I finally got to transfer my domains out of GoDaddy and into NameCheap. The transfer process was pretty straightforward, after unlocking the domain from GoDaddy, I initiated the transfer and everything went as planned, just replying to emails explaining the process and authorizing NameCheap to be the new registrar. Moving the DNS took some delays as I wasn't that familiar anymore with the interface of Google Apps and learned along the way that it doesn't require domain name verification anymore.

Going back to Blogger was a no brainer. It's simple and it works. Although I'm a bit worried how its going to get integrated into Google+ in the future. At least I can say I have a very clean blog right now and hope I would be able to sustain it.

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